French as a Foreign Language Training for Professionals everywhere in France

Sud Concours (Toulouse – Paris)

Language school in France (Toulouse)

Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Paris, Metz, Montpellier, Rennes, Marseille, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Grenoble, Perpignan, Nancy, Nice

Established in 1990, our school is well reputed for its language teaching in France and especially for its teaching of the French language as a Foreign language. If you want to learn French in France, our school is well known for the quality of its language programs and its teachers’ expertise. Our French as Foreign Language courses offer learners quick progress thanks to an immersion in the French language and culture.

Our language school has all the necessary documents required for its formal recognition providing the guarantee of a high-quality training for non-native speakers, especially for English speakers.

French as a Foreign Language Courses and Training everywhere in France

Our school started in Toulouse, but has expanded to other cities and enhanced the quality and variety of training offered. Therefore, Germans, Britons, Spaniards, Italians and others who want to improve their French can find us in Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Metz, Montpellier, Nantes, Paris, Rennes and Strasbourg.

Organisation of French as Foreign Language Courses and Training

We guarantee you the best learning conditions, thanks to:

  • native speakers with a long French teaching experience and the required diploma
  • motivated language teachers who take into consideration the learner’s level and who adapt to it
  • small language classes with few learners (up to ten), giving more room for individual needs
  • an evaluation of the participant’s starting level in French according to the CECRL ladder in order to find for all participants the matching language class (four different levels for classes, from beginners to advanced users)
  • an educational approach that highlights the practice of the French language in a great variety of subjects taken from our day-to-day lives in order to develop the participants’ French communicative skills
  • different tools are applied in the class with the objective of keeping participants’ interest, their motivation and their desire to exchange with others in French at the highest level: grammar books, magazines, newspapers, audio files, videos, role games, debates, walking tours in the cultural and historical heart of the city
  • regular language proficiency evaluations in the form of written tests or oral exams that identify the progress made

French as a foreign language intensive classes

Our language school welcomes students, participants and employees for French as foreign language intensive classes. These classes are taught completely in French and aim at developing participants’ capacities in the four areas: oral expression, written expression, listening comprehension and reading comprehension.

French classes take place each day, from Monday to Friday, either in the morning (8.30-12.30) or in the afternoon (13.30-17.30), including breaks.

The intensive French classes enable the participant to acquire an important amount of knowledge as well as to accomplish remarkable and sustainable progress in their French language proficiency. Teachers focus on interaction and candidates’ contribution in class. While the training covers all of the mentioned skills, written and oral, classes are focused on oral communication skills which facilitate the exchange of ideas. The lesson program includes:

  • how to learn basic grammar rules
  • extend the participants’ vocabulary
  • become acquainted with typically French terms
  • how to apply grammar rules
  • practicing oral communication, role games, discussions and debates

French language proficiency evaluations are conducted once a month in order to follow every participant’s progress in lessons and, based on these evaluations we find the student’s corresponding class.

Individual classes for French as a Foreign Language

Individual French lessons offer the possibility to concentrate on very precise competences of the person’s professional life:

  • Commercial French
  • Business French
  • Financial French
  • French for Marketing
  • French for management
  • French for lawyers
  • French for research and science

Individual classes offer the possibility to concentrate on very precise competences of the person’s professional life:

  • Moderating of meetings
  • Face to face conversations
  • Writing reports or messages
  • Negotiating

Teachers with a particular expertise in the area in question will be in charge of these two hour sessions. Time schedule is flexible and adapted to the learner’s constraints.

The participant can eventually combine a French intensive class offer for a general knowledge of the French language with individual lessons for his or her more specific needs.

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