French as a Foreign Language Training for Professionals by phone

Sud Concours (Toulouse – Paris)

Why take French classes by phone?

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The globalization of economic exchanges results in more people migrating to France from Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, Portugal and Russia as employees with the need to learn French. Sud Concours offers French classes for people coming from abroad in the form of French as Foreign Language training. Very often, people not only have difficulties speaking French correctly, but also understanding French speakers on the phone. The latter represents, together with emails, the most important form of long distance communication. A misunderstanding can have disastrous consequences! Communicating well in French on the phone is an essential skill.

Objectives of the French (as a Foreign Language) classes by phone

If you think your French is insufficient and impairs your professional qualities, our French classes by phone will enable you to overcome your difficulties by developing your oral communication skills. The training will give you the opportunity to:

  • develop your self confidence
  • become acquainted with phone conversations in a professional environment; similar to those of your work situation
  • enrich your vocabulary, get to know the grammar and the most common French phrases
  • speak with ease and talk fluidly

Advantages of French classes by phone

  • Participants are required to concentrate
  • Time optimization, since there is no need for the participant to leave the office
  • There is a focus on oral expression and listening comprehension; the business world’s most wanted skills
  • Teachers are native speakers with significant work experience.
  • Quick results are guaranteed.

French (as a Foreign Language) classes by phone – overview

  • proposed levels: from beginner to advanced
  • Evaluation of the participant’s starting level
  • Analysis of the participant’s needs
  • Conceive an individual program for each participant
  • Frequency of French classes by phone: ideally 2 to 3 weekly classes (duration 30 minutes)
  • Spectacular results are attained after 20 hours (40 classes).
  • Flexible time management that takes into account the learner’s time constraints.