French as a Foreign Language Classes: beginner level, intermediate, advanced

Sud Concours (Toulouse – Paris)

Why take French as a Foreign Language Classes? Language school in Toulouse (France)

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Globalization and the growth of exchanges between multinational corporations result in more people moving abroad. Therefore, every year France welcomes thousands of people who do not speak French, either as employees of affiliates or as employees of associated firms. For everyone coming to France from abroad for a short time, learning French is crucial. But French is a very complex language, not only for non-native speakers but also for native speakers.

Therefore, Sud Concours is offering French as a foreign language training in order to give non-natives the opportunity to communicate in both a private and professional setting.

French as a Foreign Language – beginner level

This class represents an introduction to the French language. The French as a foreign language lessons focus on grammar, without overemphasizing the technical aspects in order to prevent students’ frustration. Overview of French as a foreign language class activities: Written and oral expression, dictionary work and definitions, grammar, exercises. Learners will find out about:

  • How to greet and present themselves
  • Express a simple need or talk about precise things
  • Pronunciation
  • Read and understand an easy message, write a short message

French as a Foreign Language – intermediate level

This class enables the learner to acquire a sufficient level that permits him or her to communicate in French, both in a personal and a professional context. Letting the students get comfortable with the language and become autonomous language users are the most important objectives of this class. To take this class, students should already be able to present themselves, talk about their work, to position themselves in time and space, read and write correctly. This training will enable learners to:

  • Understand and summarize written and spoken texts (oral expression)
  • Express your views and opinions in a number of everyday situations
  • Write an essay or letter in clear cut style

French as a Foreign Language – advanced level

This class is for learners with at least an intermediate level. At the end of the advanced training, they will have the following skills: Written and oral expression, reading and oral comprehension. The advanced level classes can be provided on an individual basis in order to offer the learner lessons which are tailored to his or her particular needs, such as; French for lawyers, Commercial French, Business French, French for human resources etc.

At the end of this training, learners will know how to: report facts; talk about their experience and their projects; express their opinion in a precise and multifaceted manner (written and oral), discuss subjects by carefully weighing all relevant factors; communicate comfortably and pay attention to details in all kinds of subjects, in the professional as well as in the private sphere.

Our educational approach

All French classes are taught by native speakers with teaching experience for French as a foreign language. Their mission is to enable you to improve your French step by step. Teaching contents include theoretical parts as well as instructions on how to use the newly acquired knowledge in practice.

French as a foreign language classes are provided by our institutions in most big cities in France and probably near your home or work place: Nantes, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Paris, Lille, Marseille, Lyon, Montpellier, Strasbourg, Metz and Rennes.

Our French as a foreign language training is organized according to the following scheme:

  • Phase 1: Identifying learners’ level/starting point
  • Phase 2: Analyzing learners’ needs
  • Phase 3: Creating a tailored educational program
  • Phase 4: Teaching
  • Phase 5: Evaluating learners’ progress and providing a certificate